Open webinar for LNG industry professionals

Natural gas liquefaction technologies

18 October


10:00 - 11:00


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The main objective of the webinar is to provide participants with up-to-date and expert information on the prospects and opportunities for the use of domestic technologies in the LNG industry. The webinar also aims to assist in making informed investment and technological decisions for various participants in the LNG industry.

Webinar invitees are invited to attend:

Webinar Programme:

  1. Review of the current state of domestic natural gas liquefaction technologies: what is already on the market?
  2. Analysis of the competitiveness of Russian LNG technologies compared to foreign analogues.
  3. Key factors for successful application of domestic LNG technologies in small and medium-sized projects.
  4. How to make an effective LNG investment decision: recommendations for investors.
  5. Development vectors for manufacturers of technological equipment: which niches are not yet occupied?
  6. Review of successful cases of application of domestic technologies in natural gas liquefaction projects.
  7. Q&A: an opportunity to ask and receive answers to specific questions from experts.
  8. Networking and partnership opportunities: how to establish effective co-operation between producers, investors and developers.

Outcome for participants:

  1. Saving you time searching for key reliable information
  2. Ability to ask questions online and get a solution to your specific problem
  3. Industry leaders speak the same language as you, with practical, applicable knowledge that saves you energy, time and money in solving enterprise challenges
  4. Stay up-to-date on key news and events to operate effectively in the industry

The webinar is conducted by:

Aleksandr Yuryevich Klimentiev

First Vice-President of the Scientific and Expert Council, National LNG Association

Pavel Viktorovich Sarafannikov

President, Chairman of the Board of the National LNG Association

Muller Igor Aleksandrovich

Zhongtai Cryogenics Business Development Director

Vladimir Olegovich Smelov

General Director of JSC Cryogas

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