Open webinar for LNG industry professionals

LNG opportunities for small and medium-sized oil and gas companies. Monetisation and energy supply to industrial facilities

28 September.


10:00 - 11:00


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The main objective of the webinar is to inform participants about the technologies of production, transportation and use of liquefied natural gas in low tonnage and, using practical examples, to present the possibilities of monetisation of gas resources.


Webinar invitees are invited to attend:

Webinar Programme:

  1. LNG production technologies
    • Main LNG production methods and technologies
    • Selection of technology depending on the size and needs of the company
    • Examples of successful technology implementation
  2. Gas monetisation strategies
    • Main approaches to monetisation of natural and associated petroleum gas
    • Case studies: successful monetisation examples
    • Risks and how to minimise them
  3. Power supply to production facilities
    • LNG-based solutions for reliable energy supply
    • Economic efficiency and environmental friendliness
    • Energy demand analysis: tools and methods
  4. Attracting investment
    • Opportunities for investors and project financing
    • Investment potential and risk assessment

Outcome for participants:

  1. Saving you time searching for key reliable information
  2. Ability to ask questions online and get a solution to your specific problem
  3. Industry leaders speak the same language as you, with practical, applicable knowledge that saves you energy, time and money in solving enterprise challenges
  4. Stay up-to-date on key news and events to operate effectively in the industry

The webinar is conducted by:

Aleksandr Yuryevich Klimentiev

First Vice-President of the Scientific and Expert Council, National LNG Association

Pavel Viktorovich Sarafannikov

President, Chairman of the Board of the National LNG Association

Artem Valeryevich Semin

Head of Innovation Development Centre, Banter Group LLC

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